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27.04 – 06.05.2012 KRAKOW, POLAND

It  has  been  seven  years thanks  to  the  initiative  of Slawomir  Idziak filmmakers  from  Poland  and  Europe meet to develop their ideas and make films to learn new technologies.

In 2012 for the second time it will take place in Krakow, Poland (from April 27th till May 6th, 2012). We invite young professional filmmakers from many European countries, this year from Greece, Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and Great Britain.

Film Spring Open-Air 2012 is co-organized with Krakow Film Commission, Media Desk Polska and Polish Society of Cinematographers. Main Partner is Malopolska Region. Partners: Polish Society of Filmmakers, JBL Polska and Gremi Film Production. 3D Workshops are co-financed by Polish Film Institute.


This year our participants will create an interactive film show.  All films made at Film Spring Open-Air will be related to live music (performed by hipiersoniK) and a happening of local artists. The soundtrack from this event will serve as a timeline, which gives time reference to other tracks. This means that following film tracks can show events that are taking place in another place but at exactly the same time.

Finally, Film Spring Open will show selected films on the Internet on a specially designed Interactive Interface (so-called Interface ID) build in cooperation with National Audiovisual Institute.

The viewers will also have the possibility to see the effects of our work on FilmSpring YouTube Channel so that films made by our participants could reach millions of viewers around the world.


Following our main objective, which is future of cinema and new technologies, Film Spring Open-Air 2012 program focuses on workshops (including hands-on tests of equipment and software) as well as professional lectures.

Apart from a continuation of successful 3D Workshops and Documentary Workshops it will be also dedicated to interactive dramaturgy, meetings with outstanding filmmakers and new production models of low-budget films.

Many professionals have confirmed their participation to become our speakers to share their knowledge and experience during our workshops, among the others:

Sławomir Idziak (DOP), Neil Corbould (SFX), Bogdan Dziworski (documentary directo), Kaspar Kallas (postproduction), Janusz Józefowicz (director, producer), Detlev Buck (director), Jan Komasa (director), Tomasz Bagiński (director) and Platige Image, Andrzej Jakimowski (director), Rafał Wieczorek (SFX), Lech Majewski (director), Paweł Tybora (SFX), Daniele Siragusano (stereographer), Andrzej Waluk (stereographer), Łukasz Baka (stereographer), Robert Chaciński (digital image technician) as well as representatives from CD Projekt RED Studio (authors of “The Witcher”) and Google/YouTube (Presentation of the opportunities that YouTube offers to filmmakers and authors to promote content and its monetization.)

Hands-on tests of equipment and software of the following companies are planned:

Prime Technology Partner: Panasonic. Technology Partners: Hewlett-Packard, Canon, FGV Schmidle, Sony, Adobe Systems, RCS Systemy Komputerowe ( Apple Authorized Reseller) oraz Epson. 3D Technology Partners: ScreenPlane, Digital Sputnik, Qubig Andrzej Waluk, Zodiak Jerzy Hoffman Film Production.


After a great success of 3D Workshops in 2011, FilmSpringers have recently worked with DOP Slawomir Idziak on the shooting plan of high-budget German production in 3D, "Measuring the World". We will present newest technologies for 3D films (shooting and postproduction ones).