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"In the Middle Ages an actor was a suspicious profession, entered the royal rooms from the kitchen and was quickly driven away after the performance. In the XX century it became the royal profession, captured the minds of millions and reached the summit in every area of social life. Today, at the beginning of the XXI century, everyone wants to be the actor. We do not want to be just viewers, we want to participate." Slawomir Idziak about Interactivity.

For the second time Film Spring Open has established cooperation with National Audiovisual Institute, this time together we would like to reach a viewer through a presentation of participants’ films made at Film Spring Open-Air in 2012 on a specially designed Interactive Interface which will be created on the portal old.filmspringopen.eu and www.nina.gov.pl.

Interactive Interface consists of:

COMPOSER – working platform (will be used to compose individual film plots and script drafts of an interactive film show). At the beginning it will serve to build a backbone of our scenario and then to edit the interactive movie.

PLAYER – our exhibition window. (Will be used to watch the interactive film show made at Film Spring Open-Air). Here we put a complete work, meaning all of participants’ films. This is the place where Internet users will be able to see the finished work and will be surfing through various plots. We would like to invite the public (concert’s audience will have the possibility to upload their interactive films on our Player)