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Introduction to the Film Spring Open-Air 2013 programme

Film Spring Open-Air 2013 will take place in Krakow between 26th May and 5th June. Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Polish Film Institute. Co-organizer: Media Desk Polska. Main Partner: Malopolska Region an in co-operation with Krakow Film Commission.

Tired of waiting.

This year’s Film Spring Open-Air programme has been designed to help you start your careers. Have a look at what we are planning…

Previs your future.

Start to shoot at Film Spring Open-Air what you are truly dreaming of: full-length features in the form of Previs (film drafts). Thanks to our technology partners we will provide you with a complete workflow of film production: at your disposal we will have film equipment for shooting, editing and postproduction of the largest producers such as ARRI, Apple, Canon, HP, Panasonic, Sony.

Lectures on Previs projects and the use of previsualizations in film production:

  • Sławomir Idziak, the Film Spring Open author (and supervisor of film groups that make Previs). At the Film Spring Open-Air, Sławomir will host workshops on film dramaturgy to assist and provide consultations to Previs authors,
  • Piotr Szczepanowicz, producer of postproduction studio NoLabel (How to practically use previsualization in film production planning), will also host practical workshops on “Creating previsualizations with simple 2D and 3D tools"
  • In addition we encourage Previs authors to take part in individual consultations with outstanding professionals (Dorota Kędzierzawska, Sławomir Fabicki, Krzysztof Krauze),

Next year at Film Spring Open-Air you will have the possibility to present your Previs during industry pitching meetings with producers and decision makers.

How to make films better and cheaper

Lectures on sources and ways to finance film production:

  • Marshall of the Malopolska Voivodeship and Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow for Culture and City Promotion will present the possibilities to finance film projects with the support of Małopolska and the City of Krakow,
  • Mia Bays, Academy Award® winner, double nominee for BAFTA, creative producer; Mia created one of the most spectacular schemes of microbudget financing systems that is successful on an international scale called the "Microwave". To this day, in their credits they have seven full-length debut films,
  • In addition we invite young producers from the National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers – Young Producers Section, who will participate in a discussion panel about the future of a young European production model of feature films.
  • We will also present the Cinebus project, a special vehicle for professional production of your future Previs, designed in cooperation with a Polish bus coach manufacturer Autosan S.A.

Into the future

We invite outstanding experts specializing in new digital filmmaking techniques:

  • Zbigniew Rybczyński, outstanding director and cinematographer, winner of the most prestigious film awards in the world, including an Oscar® for the film "Tango". The result of his research and creative experience is The Audiovisual Technology Centre. At Film Spring Open-Air he will talk about the concept of special effects in new technologies,
  • Lectures on digital postproduction hosted by Robert Hanzl and representatives of postproduction studios specializing in animation and special effects: NoLabel,
  • Television TVN and Jacek Szymczak invite you for one-day workshops to FX Studio in Cracow for a demonstration of the implementation of car scenes in a virtual green box studio,
  • Krzysztof Ptak, excellent cinematographer, on the basis of his newest film “Papusza” will talk about his own hand-build postproduction studio.

Special Effects

In addition to the computer generated effects still the strongest illusions or tricks of the eye used in film are special effects traditionally called SFX. About how SFX are truly made during the last Film Spring Open-Air we were told by one of the most renowned SFX experts, Neil Corbould, Oscar® winner for special effects in "The Gladiator" (2001) and three-time BAFTA award winner for special effects in "The Fifth Element" (1998), "Saving Private Ryan" (1999) and "The Day After Tomorrow "(2005), other credits include “Back Hawk Down” (2001), “King Arthur” (2004), “War Horse” (2011), “Snow White and the Huntsman” (2012). He defined "special effects as the art of creating illusions..." He also announced to come to us straight from the set of "Hercules" in Budapest to visit our participants.


Flamberg Group is fascinated with field games LARP (Live Action Role Playing), in which each participant is a hero. Especially for an interactive project that will be made by FilmSpringers during workshops, they prepared a script of the game. The Invent Core Group programmers will connect the world of computer science with the cinema to move the computer adventure game mechanics into film industry. Effects of an interactive performance showing different threads "of the world of LARPs" will be presented on a special prototype tool to compose nonlinear films designed by Invent Core (www.deligic.com).

The newest project in the Film Spring Open-Air programme is Game Jam, co-authored by Maciej Miąsik, a computer games producer at One2Tribe - an interdisciplinary interactive storytelling workshop to connect the world of computer games and films. The aim of this workshop is to create a fiction role-playing game using a film technique through which filmmakers could learn to work with games and game developers.

How I made my film

Unlike many film festivals at Film Spring Open-Air we show films only for workshop analysis by outstanding directors. As before, there will be meetings with authors analysing their recent films, lectures on their film making-of shot after shot, scene by scene and discussions on problems they encountered during filmmaking:

  • Krzysztof Krauze and Joanna Kos-Krauze about the production of “Papusza”, another film which they co-directed together,
  • Dorota Kędzierzawska and Arthur Reinhart about their documentary “Another World”,
  • Sławomir Fabicki about the making-of his recent film “Love”,
  • Tomasz Wasilewski about his film “In a Bedroom”. Low budget. Big awards,
  • Bodo Kox analysis of his first feature “A Girl from the Wardrobe”.

We do not forget short films

At Film Spring Open-Air we will also shoot music videos on the basis of Previs selected in a competition “Shoot a film with Orange” organised by Orange in cooperation with Sony Music Polska. The award is participation of 3 winners (3 different Previs projects) and its production using currently available film equipment for shooting and postproduction.

As a coordinator of music video groups, we invited Anna Maliszewska, one of the most renowned directors of music videos in Poland, that will consult your projects and help select shooting materials that you will make during the workshops.

As before, documentary workshops will be led by charismatic authors and lecturers of film schools (prof. Bogdan Dziworski and dr Jacek Szymczak). This year the main thematic area of their workshops is “documentary form in the new media”.


Workshops on the basis of practical tests of hardware and software:

  • ARRI workshops on the latest ALEXA XT camera,
  • CinePost a system of color correction and sharing materials within the film crew,
  • HP professional solutions for professionals,
  • Adrian Cranage Australian cinematographer will discuss the entire process from concept to completion on the basis of his last feature "Schutzengel",
  • Andrzej Waluk outstanding stereografer tests the new 3D Rigs Qubig,
  • Łukasz Baka, Chief Tech of Film Spring Open, prepared workshops, which include filming short scenes to check camera workflow in various situations i.e. low light, numerous details in the frame or colourful light.

Night screenings

Your films are waiting for the audience. Bring them with you. Night screenings and great FilmSpring audience will give you energy. During endless film nights at Film Spring Open-Air the following screenings are planned:

  • Selected Previs submitted in a Competition for a full-length feature film,
  • Films of the international group of our faithful participants, Red Eyes Cool, shot at Film Spring Open-Air in 2011 and 2012,
  • Review of the best films from the 33rd International Short Films Festival Images In Cabestany organised by the leader of Red Eyes Cool Group, Florent Paralles,
  • A film of an outstanding documentary director Jacek Bławut “Man at War” award-winner at numerous festivals.

Actors at Film Spring Open-Air

This year we will host a group of actors who will make their own project – short etudes with the main theme of love stories. This can be an intriguing piece of work created to encourage talented actors and involve them in FilmSpring projects.


We are proud to have numerous technology partners. Thanks to their support we can offer advanced technology and the newest tools to help our participants make their own projects. To sum up, this year our participants will have an opportunity to use the following equipment:

Cameras: ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Zodiak
Light: Luks Film
Editing: HP, Apple
Screenings: Barco, Canon
Minimarket: We plan to create a space for shooting accessories to consumer cameras and DSLRs.

Previs your future at Film Spring Open-Air!

Film Spring Open Team