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We would like to announce a competition for a feature film Previs!


Together with Partners we would like to announce “FILM SPRING OPEN PREVIS” competition for the best feature film project on the basis of a Previs – an audiovisual material presenting a draft of the future film. Our objective is to facilitate a start of the career for emerging filmmakers, especially debuting ones, by initiating and building a new economic system of film production, which gives the opportunity to support the production of more films in particular thanks to a new form of project selection.

What makes our competition different from others?

There are hundreds of competitions for scripts all over the world as well as organizations that choose the best texts. Great number of scripts and decreasing production possibilities that we face today, not only in Poland but also in Europe, make it even more difficult to pass the selection of various groups that choose future projects. As a result many valuable texts are being rejected. In addition, the ones that are rewarded are usually the texts of famous artists.

Instead of scripts we would like to encourage authors to send a previsualization of their future projects. Using consumer cameras, in any location (not necessarily the ones from your script i.e. shooting a scene set in Paris can in fact be made in your apartment in Warsaw), engaging actors from acting/film schools or non- professional actors (family and friends) and make a draft of your future professional project, the so-called Previs.

The Jury will keep in mind that they are not judging a completed film but only a draft and will decide which one will be professionally produced in the new economic model of film production. The shooting is aimed to start at Film Spring Open-Air (filmmaking workshops) in May 2013.

Advantages of Previs

We believe that Previs will show much better than traditionally used script narrative feature, the plan and artistic vision of the author. The Previs will help the Jury to assess:

  • Attractiveness of the future film in terms of film distribution (targeting an audience),
  • Structure – film dramaturgy,
  • Attractiveness of the characters and their evolution in the story,
  • Quality of the dialogues,
  • Proportion between the main plot and additional scenes,
  • Production costs,
  • Actual production needs, both financial and in-kind resources, and mechanisms to control financing, which means that the production costs estimates, the set, choice of locations, scenography etc. everything will be based on the Previs,
  • During the shooting the possibility to replace scenes made on the set with the ones from the Previs will help to control the quality of the future film.

The future and plans for 2013 – new model of film production

Another year of Film Spring Open activities will be dedicated to the implementation of a future-oriented model of film production. The motto, according to which the director should use the funds within the shortest period of shooting time leads to abuses. We believe that the future of filmmakers depends primarily on their competitiveness and ability to produce films using limited resources but also on the presence of mechanisms controlling film production and film quality.

The future-oriented model of film production is a system based on a new selection process of film projects, especially those made by young and emerging filmmakers. We believe that making a film draft would not only facilitate the production of future works but it will also help future directors to see dramaturgy drawbacks and shortcomings and to ensure that the future film is made professionally. We strongly believe that in this way we will protect many young filmmakers from making weak films or even unsuccessful ones.

The conclusions will be practically tested during the shooting of a feature film at Film Spring Open-Air 2013.

Film Spring Previs
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