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Fernando Espinosa

Fernando Espinosa aka Nando

Austria, Graz
Hola : )

I'm a freelancing cinematographer for documentary productions sinve last year. Lately I started writing scripts and directing. I'm looking for more experience
on the fiction field. I act casually.

I´m very interested in your platform and want to join your activities. I´m working on the final version of a script for a short movie, which I would like to discuss in your community. It´s about a talented boy of the greek
mithology, looking to solve an old enigma and he finds the proper answer.

I wish to start nextly the script about my father´s life as a young man in Colombia during the 1940´s. Hopefully
I´ll continue my profession getting to Southamerica next year 2009.

With best regards from Graz/Austria,

Fernando Espinosa

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