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Kiril Denev - Acting Demo Reel 2017

Kiril Denev - Acting Demo Reel 2017, 
Contact: kirilmdenev.kd@gmail.com www.kirildenev.com


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Kiril Denev aka Kiril

Poland, Krakow
Kiril Denev is a bulgarian actor from Sofia.
He graduated in 2013 in the class of Tzvetana Maneva and Snezhina Petrova. During his studies he participated in various theatre projects.
Some of them including 'Roverto Zuko' - director Assen Blatechki and Richard III - director Tedi Moskov in the Ivan Vazov National Theatre in Sofia.
After graduating he moved to Krakow, Poland.
There he worked with Teatr Odwrocony, Teatr MIST and Krakow King's Players Theatre Company.
He took part in a couple of short films and TV series including Komisarz Alex (2016) and Wataha (2017).
My private WWW site: www.kirildenev.com